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The Plan: STS is taking an educational approach in the pre-prepartaion of ICD-10 usage and documentation! Contact us to schedule the planning phone conference and discuss goals. Research - STS researches the current usage and documentation being used in ICD-9, this includes coding rules and how it will effect your new coding style. Provider selects up to 50 commonly used codes. Through the implementation phase we will use, examples of code first, excludes 1 and 2 and how they are used, combination codes, customized video and remote phone conferences to get you on the right track.

Package 2

Provider selects up to 100 commonly used codes.

Package 3

Provider selects up to 100 commonly used codes. One year subscription to our membership coding question/help site!

Custom Packages Also Available
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ICD-10 Planning ICD-10: What it means to you; There is a lot of information about ICD-10 out there, probably too much! The scope of the impact will vary based on an individual’s job role and specialty.ICD-10 It’s easy to get overwhelmed.  Outsourcing the “Project Management”: Software To Systems will allowed the hand holding from the planning stage all the way to implementation.early bird image

The early bird catches the worm!

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